Our Firm is recognized as one of the major firms in Argentina in the subject of litigation management, which takes up about 60 % of its resources.

This practice is organized into different teams grouped by industries, primarily including insurance and reinsurance, banking and finance, occupational risks, labor, telecommunications, administrative and regulatory law, and taxation.

As a feature of our work, a lawyer responsible for a litigation case seeks to supplement his/her work with the synergy provided by lawyers who are specialists in each subject, in order to gain a thorough knowledge of the business subject to litigation, and in turn provide their experience on the issues debated in court to those responsible for the creative part of the different types of transactions.

Each attorney in one of such teams has in-depth knowledge of the industry for which he/she works, which constitutes a most important added value for the defense of a case in a judicial, administrative or arbitral court.

Cases that require personal and special treatment are managed by special teams who provide customized attention, with active involvement by at least one partner and, where the case so requires, professionals in other subjects.

Also, our Firm has developed a management method for large volumes of cases, which enables it to handle about 30,000 court and out-of-court cases with quality and efficiency, which is especially useful for companies exposes to a large amount of litigation due to their mass business.

In this respect, we have a customized and computerized proprietary management system, which allows us to optimize resources assigned to this activity and manage large volumes of evidence and documentation, which is supplemented by our correspondent network in all jurisdictions in Argentina.

Our system enables remote connection with our clients and attorneys from any place in the world, in order to be informed on the status of a court proceeding.


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