For years our Firm has developed an excellent practice in corporate matters, in response to requirements from our clients who demand such service.

Our corporate practice encompasses corporate or contractual matters that are typical of the business of our corporate clients.

On the subject of corporations, our Firm services include writing and designing all types of documents relating to the organization and registration of a corporation –both domestic and foreign– and all acts relating to its operation until its dissolution and winding-up, such as bylaws, minutes, shareholder agreements, capitalization increases or reduction and winding up processes.

In addition, the Firm does book-keeping, control of shareholders’ minutes, records and all matters relating to the registration of corporate acts. In this way, many clients rely on our expertise and response speed in all subjects relating to the internal life of a corporation, which is particularly complex where we refer to the management of corporate groups.

We should also note the advice provided by our Firm to its clients on the subject of contracts. All types of modern commercial contracts are reviewed every day, including: leasing, leases, private procurement, agency, distribution, proxies, joint ventures, and other usual contracts in the life of a business.
This area also provides advice on matters including trademark issues, database management and intellectual rights.

Finally, this practice area includes advice on real estate transactions.

Recent relevant cases:
  • Negotiation, purchase transaction and subsequent sale of an office building;
  • Negotiating and entering into about 700 lease contracts per year for a mass services company;
  • Negotiating, entering into and terminating a joint venture between two technology companies.

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