This is a central and strategic practice area of the firm, which is a part of our most precious traditions, since it dates back to the initial times of the Firm and positions us as leaders in the subject.

Our attorneys-at-law are highly qualified to perform in any issues that could arise in such practice, either from the experience and training provided internally by the Firm, or from university courses taught in this field of specialization, which in some cases are led by persons who serve in the top management of the Firm itself.

We provide this specialization in all the issues involving the insurance or reinsurance market.

We give advice and manage everything associated to losses in particular, either by supporting settlement work, participating in negotiations and managing cases in court and/or arbitration.

Our structure enables us to serve both in mass risks and in automotive liability and occupational risks, and also in more specific or highly complex issues, such as large corporate or environmental risks.

We also provide advice in the drafting of conditions and contracts, generally and in particular, including all areas of property and life insurance.

We also cover any matters relating to the government regulation of the business, with permanent involvement before the supervising agency, in defense of the rights of insurers and reinsurers.

This has enabled us to serve as advisors of institutions grouping major and numerous insurers in the market, frequently consulted prior to the enactment of regulations on the subject.

Our insurance and reinsurance area includes advice on mergers and acquisitions of institutions and/or portfolio transfers between companies or management of cut-off agreements.

Also, registering and maintaining the registration of reinsurers, so they can operate in Argentina from their place of origin.

Our structure and expertise enables us to review loss portfolios and/or due diligence in a highly competent and prompt manner.

Recent relevant cases:

  • We have participated in the most complex losses (by subject matter and amount) in Argentina in the last few years. Especially in matters relating to tort liability. As an example of this, in the line of fire risks we participated in the largest loss in Argentina in the last ten years, by giving advice to the insurer.

  • We have participated in most of the recent mergers and portfolio assignments between companies in the industry; and

  • We have successfully defended in court the existence of insurance contracts as payment limits, where this defense was challenged by the counterparty of our clients.


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