Our attorneys combine in-depth knowledge of the art of litigation, with actual experience in different areas of law, which enables them to give comprehensive advice to a client in any dispute that is complex by reason of the amount involved, the matter under review or the institutional significance thereof.


In this respect, our Firm has participated in the first class actions in our country, as counselor for the defense of different companies, and obtained in many cases a dismissal of the complaint or, in others, settlement agreements that made it possible to end the dispute in a manner desirable to our clients.


At the present time, our Firm is involved in the defense of about a hundred class actions initiated against companies in various sectors, and is frequently consulted in relation to the subject.


As regards other complex litigation, our attorneys participate in litigation or arbitration on derivative contracts, product liability, medical malpractice, termination of contracts such as concession contracts, supply agreements, etc.


Likewise, our Firm is actively involved in the defense of companies and their officers, in proceedings instituted for alleged exchange, anti-money laundering or anti-corruption regulation violations.


All such cases are managed by a team of specialist counselors in this type of situations, in a customized manner and with permanent involvement of at least one Partner of the Firm.


Finally, our correspondent network throughout Argentina enables us to operate in all the venues therein, which is most useful in increasingly frequent cases where class actions are commenced concurrently in different jurisdictions.

Recent relevant cases:

  • The Supreme Court dismissed an antitrust class action against the concrete industry. This is the first class action about antitrust matters in our country;

  • The Supreme Court confirmed the lower courts’ decission dismissing a suit filed by more than seven hundred people for allegedly having consumed tainted food;

  • After four years of negotiations in a class action commenced by a group of consumer associations claiming for reimbursement of amounts collected by our client from its customer portfolio, we successfully managed to reach an agreement approved by the courts;

  • Injunction against an Internet search engine to prevent transmission of a TV signal by an unauthorized website; and

  • Negotiation and settlement of an arbitration case related to a forward contract between two international banks.



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