Since the mid 90s our Firm has been actively working with different players in the capital markets. It has given advice to issuers, organizers, dealers and subscribers of securities.

In this line, our Firm has registered various global programs of negotiable obligations for major companies in the country. Many of such negotiable obligations have been placed both locally and internationally.

Our Firm has also given advice to companies wishing to engage in, or withdraw from, the public offering system. Especially, it has also assisted in the issuance of public offerings to purchase shares.

Likewise, our Firm has served as legal advisor to dealers placing negotiable obligations and trust securities.

To this we should add the Firm’s involvement as advisor to trustees in programs issuing interest certificates and/or debt notes under financial trusts.

In summary, everything relating to public offerings is within this practice area.

Recent relevant cases:
  • Advisors in designing ad obtaining approval by the Comisión Nacional de Valores, for an unconditional, non-convertible negotiable obligation issue program of up to US$ 1.5 billion.
  • Advisory services for a Public Offering for Acquisition of Shares, where a utility company acquired all its outstanding shares.



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