A company selling its products and services to consumers faces the challenge of complying with increasingly demanding regulations, but in turn needs to preserve its market share and competitiveness.

Thus, a company must meet the potential reputation or economic risk that a dispute with one or more customers could eventually cause, either from the assessment of a fine or an adverse judgment on punitive damages, as well as the commencement of a class action.

Our Firm takes part in this challenge by providing advice on dispute prevention, for instance by writing consumer-friendly mass contracts or designing terms and conditions for lotteries and promotions that comply with current consumer defense and unfair competition regulations, but without neglecting the interest of our clients.

In the same way, our attorneys assist several companies in the event of all types of individual or class claims involving consumer-related subjects, such as liability for marketed products, contractual violations and various dealings with governmental authorities in relation to regulatory matters.

Finally, in view of the increase in individual claims in different jurisdictions in our country, our Firm has organized a team of attorneys-at-law, paralegals and assistants, with capability to manage large volumes of cases efficiently and successfully, with assistance from our correspondent network for cases instituted countrywide.


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