Our Firm gives advice to its clients on labor matters. We deal with simple issues (e.g. the launching of a new business or proper registration of employees) and complex issues (such as regulatory environment, union negotiations, and Union Agreements, restructuring, personnel transfers).

At the present time, our Firm provides counsel in the defense of hundreds of court cases associated to Labor Law.

In this respect, we manage issues resulting from individual employment legislation (e.g. dismissal, occupational accidents, work-related illnesses) and also complex actions arising from union law (such as Social Coverage, Medical Care, Retirement and other benefits, managing Union Agreements).

Likewise, our Firm participates in the defense of companies and their officers, in matters commenced by administrative authorities for alleged violation of employment regulations (registration, health & safety, and so forth).

All these cases are managed by a team of attorneys who are specialists in such situations, in a customized manner and with permanent involvement by at least one partner of the Firm.

Finally, our correspondent network throughout the country enables us to take action in all jurisdictions, which is most useful in those increasingly frequent cases where an action is filed in different districts.

Recent relevant cases:
  • The National Supreme Court of Justice declared the validity of a cap to workers compensation payments. Such decision was passed in a litigation where we acted as counselors for an occupational risk insurer that asserted such cap.

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