Our Firm has given advice to its clients for more than 30 years on the subject of banking and financial regulations. In this way, the Firm provides its clients with excellent advisory practice on the financial and regulation issues relating to their business.

Specifically, we should mention that the Firm works regularly in the drafting of loan agreements and guaranties, both personal and collateral-based. On the same lines, our Firm has been involved by giving advice to various banks participating as lenders or banks who are agents of syndicated loans.

Advice is also given to banks in everything concerning business debt refinancing or restructuring, so as to permit compliance with credit transactions granted from time to time.

Likewise, our Firm gives advice in relation to regulations by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (Banco Central de la República Argentina), with regard to banking business and to exchange control.

This area of practice also deals with everything concerning proceedings that controlling authorities can commence against a financial institution, and their subsequent follow-up in judicial courts, together with attorneys in the litigation area.

In this way, the Firm takes part in proceedings where actions have been instituted against banks before the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic upon violations of duties contemplated by banking regulations and actions before the Financial Information Unit for alleged violations of the duty to report suspicious transactions on the subject of Money Laundering Prevention.

Finally, everything relating to bank regulation and banking business is a service provided by the Firm for the benefit of its client portfolio.

Recent relevant cases:

  • Advice to a bank syndicate for the granting of a loan of up to US$ 245 million to the operator of a utility concession, secured by a trust;

  • Advice to a syndicate of local and foreign banks for the refinancing of liabilities of a service company leasing heavy machinery, secured by real estate mortgages and over one hundred and eighty pledges on machinery;

  • Loan to an industrial business for the purchase of production lines and working capital, secured by a structure consisting of: (a) a lease-purchase contract, (b) an assignment in trust for collection of bills, and (c) guaranty provided by a third party.




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