We are persuaded that our role as attorneys-at-law makes us responsible for actively cooperating in the development of our country, especially with regard to all matters associated to the observance of rules and respect for institutions, with the final objective to build a better community.
For this reason, we have committed ourselves to practice our profession in a serious and creative manner, without other limits than those resulting from applicable legislation and strict ethical standards that guide our conduct. Thus we encourage our attorneys and employees to participate in all public or social activities to this end.
In the same way, we are conscious of the need to educate professionals involved in their duties to the community and having the necessary skills to provide the best services.
As to our clients, we take pride in working with companies and individuals who have visions in line with the above, and so we make sure that a potential client does not depart from the guidelines we consider essential to practice our profession.
For all the above, we have adopted the following mission for our Firm:
to train the best persons,
to provide the best services
to the best clients,
in order to build a better community.”