Human Resources. Training and Development

At the present time our total personnel includes 190 attorneys-at-law and other 150 persons in our paralegal and administrative staff.

We encourage professional development of persons who serve in the organization, based upon an assessment of their performance, potential and attitude, and also upon strict professional conduct guidelines.

Over 50 law students work part-time and ensure availability of potential attorneys-at-law, most of whom will have the possibility to join as professionals of our Firm.

Also, our Firm has a program for the selection of attorneys to follow Master courses in Argentina or LLM Programs or specialization courses abroad.

To date, over 30 professionals have already taken such Programs or Master courses at Universities abroad, Universidad Austral and Universidad Católica Argentina.

The Firm also promotes business management courses that provide our lawyers with the opportunity to become involved in management matters relating to the business of our clients, such as the Master Business Administration (MBA), Programa de Alta Dirección (PAD) and Programa de Desarrollo Directivo (PDD) at the IAE (a Business School rated among the 20 best worldwide).

In addition to this, our Firm provides training in English to senior attorneys and whoever so requires by virtue of their specialization.
Administrative staff and assisting personnel are also trained in their specific duties, which enables our Firm to provide better support to our clients.

Local and International Presence
With our 95 correspondent firms in different cities throughout Argentina, we are able to provide full coverage of our clients’ needs.
Also, we have correspondent firms in the capital cities of countries in Latin America, and also in the United States of America, Spain and the United Kingdom.